Love and Support for Every Child.

At Bumbo, we believe every child deserves a bright future. For more than a decade, we have made high quality infant and toddler products that help your little ones sit up on their own, step up to places they can’t yet reach, and build up their confidence as they gain independence and reach important developmental milestones. Our products solve every day parenting challenges, while encouraging child exploration, parent and child interaction and quality family time.


—Joe Buitendag

CEO, Bumbo International

Jonibach Sports Center

At the Jonibach Sports Center, Bumbo strives to improve the lives of children in its hometown of Pretoria, South Africa. Many kids in the community come from difficult backgrounds and often lack necessary direction. At the Sports Center, children are taken away from the harsh realities of their everyday lives and can participate in activities characterized by structure and predictability. Here, professional coaches and facilitators teach and motivate them to experience and achieve success, while nurturing their emotional, social and cognitive development.


Centurion Center

The Centurion Center is a daycare and full-time school program for special needs children in Bumbo’s hometown of Pretoria, South Africa. Its classroom programs and well-trained dedicated staff provide a unique learning environment for children who have Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and other life changing conditions.


Jonibach Child and Youth Care Center

The Jonibach Child and Youth Care Center is a haven for children in Pretoria, South Africa, where Bumbo is based. Many children have been abandoned, abused or orphaned and are placed here by social services. Some children have parents and may be in contact with them; however, their parents acknowledge that they can’t provide adequate care.


Community Kitchen

The Bumbo Cares Community Kitchen provides approximately 400 nutrient-rich meals per day to the local residents of Pretoria, South Africa, where Bumbo is based. This includes children of the Jonibach Sports Center, Jonibach Child and Youth Care Center and members of the community who at times cannot provide adequately for themselves or their families.


Community Outreach

Bumbo cares about its local community in Pretoria, South Africa and is always there to lend a hand, whether it’s providing sand for a kindergarten’s playground, painting homes nearby or running a clothing drive.

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